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New to the Music Portal? Parents can sign in to an existing account or register a new one. Manage all of your family's music enrolments in one place with the Family Profile. Once you are registered you can add new accounts for each of your Students in the Family Profile, then purchase credits for their music programs.

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View our Programs and learn more about the many options on offer. If you have any questions please contact the Music Coordinator for assistance.

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Your enroled programs, credit counts and more are found in your Student Profile.

Parents will need to add Students to their Family Profile first. You can then enrol them in Music Programs and purchase credits for things like Instrumental Music Lessons.

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Our Instrumental Music Tutors

Scott van Gemert

Scott van Gemert is a Trombonist, Pianist, Composer and Educator based in Melbourne.

Frankie Wu

Frankie Wu has been playing drums since mid 2015.

Jacinta Wang

Jacinta Wang has been teaching Piano at NCC since 2014.

Patrick Devine

Patrick has been teaching Violin at the College for two years now and running our String Ensemble.

Michelle Cook

Vocal tutor Michelle Cook

Cassandra Beckitt

Cassandra is a performing artist and vocal teacher who lives in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

Nick Agathos

Nick feels he is very fortunate to have a career as a guitarist.

Karen Baker

Woodwind Tutor Karen Baker

Music Coordinator: Andy Horneman

Our Music Coordinator, Andy Horneman is a professional drummer and music composer based in Melbourne, Australia.